Mi-ki Puppy Questionnaire
This is the first step towards adopting a Royal T Mi-ki into your home. While some of the questions may seem intrusive, our desire is to find the best match for both the dog and for your family. We are nice and we don't bite.
We also don't expect you to quit your job in order to adopt (though Mi-kis have been known to inspire lifestyle changes that favor time spent with them.) Be warned... Mi-kis are addictive. We offer discounts for repeat clients to support the Mi-ki habit. Please see section 2 for more information regarding our adoption process.
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How did you hear about the Mi-ki breed?
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How did you hear about Royal T Mi-kis?
What is your puppy gender preference?
Mi-kis generally range from about 4 pounds to 9 pounds at maturity. Do you have an estimated size preference? (Note: We meticulously chart our puppies' growth to give an estimated adult weight but are unable to guarantee the accuracy of the estimate.)
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Do you have a color preference? (Check all that apply)
Mi-kis come in two coat varieties: 1)Long coat - hypoallergenic non-shedding with a beard and mustache, and 2) Smooth-face Mi-kis with short facial hair with a demi-long coat that stays the same length. The Smooth-face Mi-ki requires minimal grooming but may not be the best choice for those with dog allergies. We have yet to produce any "smoothies" but hope to in the future. What is your coat preference?
Is there a current puppy that is available that you have your eye on? If so, which one?
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Long-coat Mi-kis require regular grooming. How do you plan to maintain their coat and nails?
Are you willing to consider a puppy that doesn't perfectly match your preferences?
Is this your first dog?
Have you ever raised a toy dog breed before?
Do you have other pets at home?
Please list your other pets.
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Who lives at home and how many children under the age of 12?
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What type of housing? Is there a fenced yard?
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Mi-kis are vulnerable to predators such as hawks, owls and coyotes, even in suburbs. If predators are a concern where you live, will you be able to accompany your Mi-ki when outdoors?
Do you have an established veterinarian?
Do you lean towards traditional veterinary medicine or holistic/alternative veterinary care?
What do you hope to do with your dog? (check all that apply)
Do any family members have allergies to animals?
How will the puppy be trained?
How many hours a day will the puppy be left alone?
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Is there anything else you'd like us to know?
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