Complaint Form, Public Records Ombudsman
W.S. 16-4-202(c)(v) gives those seeking public records from governmental entities in Wyoming the right to file a complaint with the Public Records Ombudsman to determine if the custodian of the public records sought has demonstrated good cause that has prevented release of the requested public records within the time period outline in the Public Records Act.

Furthermore, under W.S. 16-4-203(f)(ii) the requester of public records has the option to file a complaint with the Public Records Ombudsman who may mediate the dispute, prescribe timelines for release of the information, and/or waive any fees charged by the governmental entity.

Release of Wyoming public records is governed by the Public Records Act (W.S. 16-4-201 to 205).

If you believe a governmental entity has failed to comply with the Public Records Act in responding to your public records request, please fill out the form below to file a complaint with the Public Records Ombudsman.

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Please provide the name of the Wyoming governmental entity you are seeking public records from  
Communication history
Please describe any communication with the governmental entity you have had regarding the scope of your request or the delivery date of the records.   If the governmental entity quoted a fee for the production of the records, please provide that quote.  If the governmental entity denied your request or failed to meet the proscribed deadline please provide any documentation from the governmental entity explaining why it cannot produce the requested record(s) or do so within the time period as required by W.S. 16-4-202(c) (iii) and (iv).
Describe communication:
Were you quoted a fee?
Describe the reason given for denial or why the entity was unable to meet the timeline:
Do you believe the governmental entity redacted information that should be disclosed under the Public Records Act?
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If so, please explain what you believe has been improperly redacted and provide any documentation the governmental entity gave you explaining the redactions.
What relief are you asking the Ombudsman for?
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Please email a copy of the public records request you submitted to the governmental entity along with copies of any communication with the governmental entity to  In addition, please indicate the date and person you addressed your public records request to.

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