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National Shattering Silence Coalition is collecting stories about people with serious mental illness who have encountered the criminal system and we will be sharing them for the National Stepping Up Day of Action on May 16th. This year we are showcasing stories that involve the criminal justice system and how it handles those with serious mental illness. By being brave enough to share your personal story or the story of a loved one, you are helping us to shatter the silence! You are encouraged to share pictures or videos of your loved ones with us as well. By telling our stories we shed light into the dark issues those living with serious mental illness face every day in America.

Your story is important, and we want to hear it!

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By submitting your story, files, pictures, videos or documents to NSSC you acknowledge that you are the owner of these materials and that you allow NSSC to reproduce them on their website, social media accounts, or anywhere else NSSC may find suitable for this years campaign. If you do not agree to both of these issues we will not be able to share your story.
Please Upload Your Criminal Justice Related Stories & Pictures To Share On Stepping Up Day!
You may upload images, videos, word documents & PDF files. Please limit your stories to 1000 words or less. If you don't have a prepared story you may write your story in the next section and use this one to upload pictures or videos that you would used in conjunction with your personal story. You may upload up to 5 files. (Maximum file size is 100 MB)
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Every story helps break down the walls that keep those with serious mental illness ostracized and often abused by a failed system of care. We are shattering the silence and creating a brighter future for those with serious mental illness in America. Your participation is truly appreciated! Thank you for being brave!


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