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Guide to Registration
The European Festival welcomes applications from artists and groups to perform at the "Festival Stage".

Stage performances have in the past included a wide variety of traditional dance ensembles, choral groups, and music bands.

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You are a (traditional) cultural group that is affiliated with a parent Country/Cultural Society, which in turn is a member of the EuroFest BC Society.
Society Artists perform on the Festival Stage.
The requirement for participation is a EuroFest BC Society membership fee ($50) . Every performer receives a entrance ticket. Since the societies no longer have to purchase any bulk admission tickets for this festival event, we are asking the society to purchase any addtional admission tickets for their society members at the door or ahead of time at a meeting.
The performance schedule will be determined using a 3 option request, tie breaker being timeline of paid membership. Maximum performance time is 20 minutes. Please note that the 20 minute maximum includes on and off stage time, set up of instruments, and MC introduction time. If you surpass the time on stage you will be cut off. There are 18 , 20 min performance time slots, starting on the hour. By agreeing to perform at the festival, you agree that any images or pictures taken by the society may be used to promote any future festivals, or be showcased on the society facebook or website.

Deadline to apply is April 25, 2019.

For any further questions, please contact the Entertainment Manager Maria, at:

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