Food Blogger Recipe Submissions
Hey, I'm glad you want to submit your recipes. What kind of recipes am I looking for?

--All fresh ingredients must be in season at the same time, OR use year-round ingredients. What's ok: Asparagus and potatoes (potatoes are available year-round). Whats I won't feature: Fresh jalapeno and pomegranate relish (opposite seasons). What could be featured: Pomegranate relish that uses red pepper flakes to spice it up.

-- Minimal amount of processed ingredients. Also a processed version of an ingredient won't be featured for that item. For example, Apricot chicken skewers that use real apricots will be featured in apricots are in season. But a recipe that uses apricot jam will not be on the apricot page (however, it's a great way to enjoy them in winter, and I will have features on that!) Also, canned tomatoes for a winter stew is totally fine, but a recipe that relies too heavily on canned ingredients won't be features.

-- High quality pictures. The food should look enticing! If you haven't seen the quality I'm after, visit one of the produce pages and browse around, to see if your pictures qualify. I'm also happy to have you submit them and I can give you feedback about it, no problem.

-- Unique recipes are a plus! If you have an interesting way to use an ingredient, like a strawberry and goat cheese grilled cheese, send it my way. I love to feature those.

-- Other notes: Recipes can be simple, complicated, take 15 minutes or 2 hours. They can use 5 ingredients or 25, pantry staples or specialty spices. I like to provide a wide range :)

The goal of the seasonality project is to educate people on using fresh ingredients and to get them excited about cooking. One of the best ways to do that, is give them fun, tasty recipes.

On the 2nd page of this form you can fill in 3 recipe links. You can come back and fill in more at any point (just start filling in a new form).

If you have a food blogger friend (don't we all?) that you think would be interested in this project, feel free to share this form with them.

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