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由一月至今香港人持續抗疫,相信不少人都開始出現抗疫疲勞。有見及此,香港教育大學學生事務處和富全人發展中心將於9月7日至9月30日期間舉辦 <<Giving is Receiving>> Project。

Since January, Hong Kong people have kept fighting against the COVID-19 virus and it is not surprise that the public has emerged the anti-pandemic fatigue. In view of this, Student Affairs Office of the Education University of Hong Kong organizes the <<Giving is Receiving>> Project from 7 September to 30 September.

活動詳情 Project details

<<Giving is Receiving>> Project鼓勵教大同學及教職員以及社區人士製作出別出心裁的心意卡、畫作、打氣字句等爲安老院、老人中心、醫院、特殊學校的服務使用者及其照顧者傳遞正能量。而送贈機構亦會設置收集箱,將收集的正面訊息回贈給同學。希望學生和社區之間可互相展現關懷,以宣揚關愛文化,為社會帶來正面的影響。

The 《Giving is Receiving》Project encourages EdUHK students, staff and community members to design unique blessing cards, artworks and handicrafts for the caretakers and service recipients in elderly homes, elderly centres, hospitals and SEN schools so as to promote caring culture. Participating organizations would also set up collection boxes to collect positive messages from the general public and send back to EdUHK students and staff in return. Through this project, we hope we could show love and care in the community and create a positive impact to the society.

1. 機關心意卡
2. 口罩造型卡
3. 和諧粉彩體驗工作坊
4. 立體心意卡
5. 英文書法卡
6. 愛心拼貼畫

The organizing committee members has prepared different online art workshops for EdUHK students and participants of the partnering organizations to join so as to make their unique artworks. The details of the workshops are as follows:
1. Gimmick heart card
2. Mask-shaped blessing card
3. Pastel Nagomi Art Workshop
4. 3-D blessing card
5. Calligraphy
6. Heartwarming collage
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