Reunited & Rally Day Sign-Up Form
Thank you for signing up to attend our 2-Day Fall Kick-Off Event: Reunite & Rally Day!! We are excited to have you join us! EVEN IF YOU ARE ONLY ATTENDING A PORTION OF THIS WEEKEND EVENT, make sure to fill out the sign up form so that we know you are coming. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you there!

REunited: Saturday, 9/18 from 4-6PM
Come see all of our ministries, Sunday School classes, opportunities, and more! Receive free, quality Aldersgate DE swag & free ice cream!

Rally Day: Sunday, 9/19 from 10AM-1PM
One unified worship service at 10AM followed by a catered lunch, yard games, & inflatable slide! Our catered picnic will be safely served by the staff.
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Will you be attending our REunited event from 4-6PM on September 18th? *
Will you be attending Rally Day & staying for catered lunch served by our staff on September 19th from 10AM- 1PM? *
How many people in your party will be eating our catered lunch served by our staff during our Rally Day Picnic? *
I verify that within the past 14 days, neither I nor anyone who will be attending this event with me has had close contact (as defined by the CDC) with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19, is in the process of being tested for COVID-19, is isolating as a result of a suspected COVID-19 infection, or is experiencing acute symptoms of COVID-19. I, and those in those in my party, agree to follow Aldersgate DE guidelines at all times while present at Aldersgate United Methodist Church. Guidelines can be found here: *
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