GroundED Spring 2019 Application
WHAT IS GroundED?: GRuB and GRAVITY are partnering to offer young adults pursuing their GED through GRAVITY the opportunity to participate in a program that will provide job, leadership, and personal development training. The program is rooted in delivering GRuB's mission of growing healthy food, people, and community, and all activities and training are based on these areas. Participants will be paid minimum wage for their training hours; over $1,000 for the season.


1. Growing Food:

 Learning Essential Sustainable Agriculture Skills: weed identification, weeding strategies & techniques, tool safety, tool maintenance, how/when to use tools, sustainable farming practices, shaping beds, irrigation installation & Management

 Soil Health & Management: soil amendment management & spreading, composting, making potting soil, monitoring & maintaining soil health

 Plant Propagation: greenhouse tray seeding, outdoor direct seeding, transplanting & up-potting, botany (plant anatomy, plant families), seed types (GMO, organic, hybrid, heirloom)

2. Growing People:

 Interpersonal Communication: clear & professional feedback practices, multicultural communication tools, conflict prevention & resolution strategies, tools for setting boundaries, identity awareness

 Personal Goals & Accountability: short term, seasonal, and long-term goal setting, personal feedback & reflection practices, individual, peer-to-peer, staff-to-participant, and all group goal check-ins, community resource awareness & connection

 Healthy Choices: preparing healthy meals & snacks, nutrition awareness, stress management & prevention tactics, strategies for building & maintaining healthy relationships, community resource awareness & connections

3. Growing Community:

 Teaching: public speaking training, elevator speech training, farm tour training, leading farm workshops for pre-k up to middle school field trips

 Ambassadorship: professional engagement standards, community service, including building free gardens for people, hosting & working w/ volunteers & field trip guests, represent GRuB at community events, and volunteering in the community

 Team-Building: group collaboration and cooperation through team-building games & initiatives, collaborative communication strategies, task & project management

To qualify for GroundED:
*Must be enrolled in GRAVITY before March 20th
*Must be able to attend the ENTIRE Orientation & Spring Program (March 20th - June 14th) at GRuB in West Olympia
*Must be between 16-21
Where & When:
The Spring Program will take place at the GRuB Farm - 2016 Elliott Ave NW Olympia, WA 98502 (on the 41 Intercity Transit bus-line, and bus passes are provided)

The 12-week program runs from *March 20th - June 14th, the schedule is:

Wednesday: 1pm to 5pm
Thursday: 12pm to 4pm
Friday: 12pm to 4pm

*Orientation is the first 2 weeks, then we take spring break, then start up again 4/10

*There will be several Saturday events that will be required

 Be here and arrive on-time!
 Come prepared to participate and contribute in all activities
 Willing to learn and uphold professional behavior
 Wear appropriate clothes and shoes (we’re active & farming)
 Complete program evaluation forms
 Commit to the entire length of the program
Contact us:
If you have any additional questions, please contact GRuB's Youth Programs Lead Educator, Wade Uyeda, at 360-753-5522 or
Your Information:
Please fill this out to the best of your ability. If you're unsure what to put, contact Wade, or seek out GRAVITY staff, a friend, or parent to give you a hand. We want to make sure the youth who could benefit the most are given the first chance at joining. We will not share any of this information with anyone, it's only for GRuB staff. Nothing here will disqualify you, it will only be used to help your chances.
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Tell us about yourself:
We're looking for honest answers here, so please take your time with the answers, and no matter how long or short they are, we're just looking to get to know you. Since there are only 20 spots, we want to make sure the right folks are getting the chance to join.
What are you most excited about when thinking about being in this program? *
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What are your goals for the near future, and how do you hope this program will help you achieve them? *
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What are some challenges you face in life right now? How could this program help you face these? *
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Can you commit to the entire 12 week spring program? (Wednesday 3/20 until Friday 6/14, 3 days a week) *
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You're done!
If you have any additional questions, please contact GRuB's Youth Programs Lead Educator, Wade Uyeda, at 360-753-5522 or Priority deadline to apply is 2/15. Late applications are still welcomed. We'll be in touch to update you on the process. Thank you for applying!
Info night @ GRuB
On Wednesday, February 13th, from 5-7pm, we're hosting an info night at GRuB. It's not required to attend, but is encouraged. If you can't attend, but would like to visit GRuB, please contact Wade to set a time. We're at 2016 Elliott Ave. NW, Olympia, WA 98502. We're one block away from the 41 Intercity Transit bus line.
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