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Hi, thank you so much for taking the time to contribute to this survey. The project seeks to support the representation of "equity-seeking" groups in the discussions in the 2018 Vancouver municipal election, specifically: Indigenous peoples (particularly of the city's three host nations), women, LGBTQAI2+ community members, people of colour, and differently-abled people. I'm wondering if any of the candidates will take an intersectional approach in their platforms and positions on affordable housing, gentrification, jobs, and sustainability.

I will be partnering with the Cambie Report (http://cambiereport.ca/) to distribute this survey to the candidates for mayor and council, and share the results with the public. We are committed to expanding the conversation in the local political sphere to better reflect the people that live in Vancouver.

Deadline to submit your questions is September 17, 2018, at 5pm Pacific Time.

Megan Lau

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— Please include preamble/context for each of your questions, so that all candidates share a baseline of understanding about why and how an issue may impact various communities differently, and may better answer your question.


"Over 60 per cent of those living below the poverty line in Canada have jobs—some more than one—and yet are still beneath the poverty line. Present welfare plans across Canada not only pay less than the poverty line—sometimes 20 to 40 per cent less—but also discourage work by clawing back benefits if more than $100 or so are earned.....Poverty is a perfect and accurate predictor of bad health, early hospital entry and longer stays, substance abuse, family violence and poor educational outcomes. " (See: https://www.macleans.ca/opinion/a-basic-universal-income-in-canada-is-more-realistic-than-you-think/) A disproportionate number of people of colour and women work in lower-wage jobs. A raise in the minimum wage will help women and people of colour and help address the gender pay gap and racial wealth gap in this city.

If elected, would you support a basic income pilot project? [Yes/No] Please elaborate on your answer.

Important Notes
— This is one grassroots step to represent equity-seeking groups in this election. This is an effort to be more inclusive, but we recognize our limitations in both lived experience and capacity to represent all intersectional identities and communities in this project. Additionally, questions included in the survey will be selected at our discretion.

— I will contact you via email if your question is used in the survey
— We reserve the right to edit submissions for clarity and brevity
— Please email me at hello@meganlau.com if you have any questions or concerns

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