UMA Environmental Leadership Award Nomination Form
The Environmental Leadership Award, originally introduced at the 2008 UMA Motorcoach EXPO as the UMA Green Highway Award, is sponsored by Motor Coach Industries each year. The award was revised this year to support the next level of effort in Environmental Leadership. This award was created to promote the motorcoach and its application as a viable solution to the reduction of carbon emissions and to encourage industry leadership with a positive impact on our environment. The award will be presented to the motorcoach operator who demonstrates the greatest commitment to
environmental leadership” in the areas of internal corporate initiative, external corporate stewardship or community and industry-wide environmental leadership.

The award will be based on three aspects of a company’s operation – Administrative, Maintenance and Equipment, and Facility. If we have failed to include a specific item in which your company has done to move towards a sustainable “environmental” leadership practice, please let us know.

Please complete the nominations form below to be considered for the ninth annual Environmental Leadership Award. Nominations must be received by September 27, 2019.

Please contact Carrington Blake at 703.838.2950 or if you have any questions.

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Administrative Operations
In the space below, describe the office/administrative practices your company has in place to go above and beyond to promote a environmental company and working environment. Please include things that may apply, like:

- Your recycling policies
- Fuel conservation efforts
- Do you have an Idle Free Policy? Have your drivers, mechanics or staff gone through an Idle Free Certification program to eliminate unnecessary idling?
- Do you have a strategy to promote ‘Eco-driving’? Have your drivers gone through an Eco-Driving’ certification program to help promote fuel efficient driving?
- Do you have a training program or designated internal committee in place to develop new ideas, processes or cultivate new leaders in your organization to spearhead your next environmental campaign?
- Do you participate in the Certification for Sustainable Transportations eRating vehicle certification program?
- Are you involved in the Motorcoach Council and its marketing & awareness initiatives?

Please include any other items you think may apply

Administrative Operations Description
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Equipment and Maintenance
Describe the environmental sustainability efforts your company has in place involving your equipment and maintenance. Please include descriptions of things that may apply like your recycling policy for equipment and liquids, use of biodiesels, Electric, CNG (compressed natural gas) or any other alternative fuels, idling polices, verified low rolling resistance tires’, fleet monitoring equipment, eco-friendly sanitation materials, bus washing system using a bio-degradable mixture of water and shampoo, tire pressure monitoring, vehicles meeting the 2010 or beyond EPA emission standards, hybrid vehicles, and
any other Environmental Leadership efforts made by your company in regards to your equipment and maintenance.
Equipment and Maintenance Description
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Describe the efforts your company has in place reduce it’s environmental impact and improve efficiencies. Please include descriptions of things that may apply like LEED certifications (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) , Brownfield site, use of low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) materials in carpets, paints and sealants, flooring, driveway or yard composed of recycled materials, use of high-efficiency glass in windows, use of solar panels, motion censored lights, your energy conservation policy, any other efforts to not just ‘Go Environmental," but to create a sustainable
practice within your facility.
Facility Description
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Environmental Stewardship
Please describe any of your company’s external efforts in your community to promote environmental
initiatives and a cleaner environment.
Environmental Stewardship Description
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