Chrysalis Camera Academy Application
Chrysalis Camera (TM) is a multimedia company that provides services in media education, film production, video editing, web development, music production, creative writing, digital publishing and documenting performing arts. Our company offers media education consultation for businesses and schools.

Our education department, The Chrysalis Camera Academy creates the FLUTTER of “Butterfly Scholars”! We empower youth to express their ideas and talents with new media. This year, Chrysalis Camera has expanded opportunities for Butterfly Scholars to interact with multiple media formats including (but not limited to):

- Chrysalis Camera Academy - Online Enrichment Program & Media Arts internships
- - Company website
- Chrysalis Camera on You Tube - Showcasing Varsity Performances & Productions
- Butterfly Scholars on You Tube - Videos and links for scholars, families & educators
- @chrysaliscamera - on Twitter
- Chrysalis Camera/Butterfly Scholars - Member Page on Facebook
- “Butterfly Scholars” - TV Show episodes on Bronxnet
- “Inside the Chrysalis” - Podcast
- Metamorphosis Music - Music appreciation and listening forums (ie. Spotify & Apple Music)
- Metamorphosis Moments - Blog
- Chrysalis Creations - Fashion, Art & Jewelry Merchandising

In response to the COVID-19 quarantine, Chrysalis Camera Academy will be using the video conference platform of Zoom to record talent appearances on Chrysalis Camera subsidiaries. Selected events will be streamed to the public forums.


In reading and signing this document, you acknowledge the statements below. By signing up for the Chrysalis Camera Academy and/or Media portfolios & showcases

-You will responsibly and respectfully participate in the initiatives of Chrysalis Camera and its subsidiary projects.

-You are aware that your image, voice, visual art and/or performance will be audio recorded, photographed and/or videotaped by Chrysalis Camera, LLC. and contractors under its employ.

-You are participating as talent in production for educational and promotional purposes without expected compensation or remuneration. (Employees of Chrysalis Camera must complete separate employment application and submit appropriate tax forms.)

-Performance on video, audio, photographic image and products of presentations (including but not limited to images, recordings, digital creations, artwork and written work) may be posted in perpetuity to products created by Chrysalis Camera, LLC. And its subsidiaries.

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