2020 SJHS Alumni Networking Exhibition - Alumni Interest Form

We are hosting an SJHS Alumni Networking Exhibition for the benefit of the current students at SJHS! We are looking for current college students as well as graduates who have entered the workforce or graduate school. The full networking exhibition will encompass two separate events:

1) During the school day, we will host an "alumni fair," set up similar to a college or career fair you would have attended, with a table set up for each school represented and alumni who are/were students of that institution tabling at each one. The goal of this event is to network current students with alumni (and even some alumni with other alumni).

2) During the evening on the same day, we will host an "alumni open house" (same type of event) in the evening with two purposes: To allow students to bring their families back to the event and network, and also to serve as a means for prospective families to hear about all the tremendous SJHS alumni success stories. We are trying to get some current SJHS student leaders to provide little tours as well. The goal of this event is to engage current families as well as provide a marketing event for prospective families.

We hope you consider coming back to your alma mater to help benefit the current students of SJHS. This is a tremendous (and extremely affordable) way for alumni to give back to SJHS.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Nate Sullivan at sullivan.nate@hotmail.com or (412) 328-1219 (call or text). We hope to see you there!

Dom Angelo '16 & Nate Sullivan '18
Tentative Date of Event (Subject to Change - as of 9/26)
Wednesday, January 8, 2020
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