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Volunteer and compensation ($7.50/hour) options available

Seeking ACT Test Prep Tutors for our 9-week Go Succeed ACT Prep 101 groups in the following subject areas:
• ACT English Section
• ACT Math Section
• ACT Reading Section
• ACT Science Section

What types of individuals might be interested in being an ACT Test Prep Tutor?
• Pursuing an education career
• Honing instructional skills
• Teaching background

What makes for a great ACT Test Prep Tutor?
• Desire to make a difference in the life of a child and ultimately, the greater community
• A bachelor's degree (or pursuing any post secondary degree) in any subject or major 
• High standardized test scores in english, math, reading comprehension, or science
• Excellent communication skills 
• Ability to instruct and mentor successfully in a 1-on-1 and small group setting
• Responsibility, honesty, and maturity 
• Friendliness, patience, and sensitivity to students of varying backgrounds
• A sense of fun and support to a stressful time in a student’s life 

Responsibilities and Duties
• Work under Test Prep Lead Tutor
• Responsible for a small group (up to 7) of high school students (grades 11-12)
• Lead test prep lessons and drills using our material at a designated area in the Athens area
• Must be able to commit to working a minimum of a 2-hour session
• Record student attendance, engagement, and progress
• Suggest and document potential next steps for students
• Work with support team and other test prep tutors/coaches to assure student success

• Group tutoring can take place after school, Saturday mornings or Sunday afternoons
• Currently, Saturday mornings are preferred

**Materials and training provided

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