Time Trap interview form
We are currently working on a project where we have to design a prototype that will allow people to visit Dom Square in an engaging and entertaining way. So we wanted to create a game or treasure hunt targeting young adults. That is why we would appreciate your help to get a better sense of what you would be interested in for our game.

The information we will gain in this interview will be used for us to adapt our prototype and for our paper. If you want to remain anonymous of course you can, we will make the necessary arrangements for this, just let us know.

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1. How old are you?
2. Where are you from?
3. What is your background?
4. Have you ever visited Dom Square?
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4a.  If you said yes to answer 4 What did you think of it?
4b. If you said no to answer 5 why not?
5. Have you ever taken a guided tour of Dom Square?
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5a. If no why not?
5b. If no would you like to take a tour? Yes/no? Why?
5c. If yes, what did you like about it?
5d. If yes, what did you dislike?
6. What do you know about Dom Square?
7. What would you want to learn about Dom Square ?
8. Could you please give us feedback on our prototype idea?  We wanted to create a treasure hunt through Dom Square. The story is that due to the 1674 storm, there has been a time rift in Dom Square and several historical characters have been sucked into the present with the basilisk of Utrecht, who has transformed them into stone/bronze. In order for history to be saved, you have to de-stone the historical figures and gather objects they will give you to defeat the basilisk. So basically, it is a little bit like Pokemon go, except you have to catch historical figures and if you collect them all, you save history and you can get a free coffee or hot chocolate in the city. For the characters, you could find people like Truus who was a female resistance during WWII, or a pirate who fought against Spain.
9. What do you like about this project ?
10. What do you not like ?
11. If you could edit anything, what would you want to change?
12. Honestly, and it is ok if you say no, would you be interested in playing this? Why ?/Why not?
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