SIMC LLC Audit Technology Capabilities and Needs Assessment
There are a plethora of tools and technologies currently available to auditors. Regardless of your function's size, the need for enhanced audit capabilities and increased productivity are paramount to adding value in your organization. The purpose of this survey is to:

Take a pulse on what audit needs and capabilities are currently being met
Identify where technology can help bridge the market's unmet demands
Gauge the levels of maturity and interest in technology-enabled auditing.
In return for filling out the survey, participants will receive a report on the findings.
By industry
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By Business Needs
What is the primary role that technology plays in the internal audit function? *
What type of audit technology solution do you use today? Select the one answer that best reflects your current environment. *
Other than basic applications, which parts of the audit process do you leverage technology solutions the most? Please rank each answer in order of usage from 1 (most used) to 7 (least used).
Planning *
Risk assessment *
Scheduling and timekeeping *
Travel and meetings *
Fieldwork and documentation *
Issues and observations communication *
Reporting *
Other *
How well are your current audit technology solutions meeting your needs? Select the one answer that best reflects your current opinion?
What is your main priority when considering the implementation of technology for auditing? Select the answer that best reflects your concerns. *
How proficient is your audit department in the use of your audit technology? *
Does your audit function leverage third-party services for audit technology training? *
Are any of your organization's internal audit activities performed by third-party service providers? *
If your answer was "Yes" to number 8, please estimate the percentage of internal audit activities performed by third-party service providers. *
If you use third-party service providers to perform internal audit activities, how do you anticipate your budget changing in the next planning year for these services? *
What technological capabilities do you feel will be required by internal auditors in the future? Please rate each answer using scale of 1–5 where 1 = Not applicable, 2 = Low, 3 = Medium, 4 = High, 5 = Critical *
Self-assessment surveys
Not Applicable Low Medium High Critical
Self-assessment surveys *
Offline capability *
Resource management and scheduling *
Big data and data analytics *
Social media *
Integration with risk and controls management/enterprise risk management *
Predictive analytics *
Collaboration tools *
Collaboration tools *
Reporting and dashboard tools *
Mobile platforms *
Mobile platforms *
Does your audit department strategy include a plan to address the following?
Yes No Don't know
Automated support for data mining and analysis, continuous monitoring, etc. *
Ways to measure the effectiveness of technology investments, processes, and activities *
Defined technology skill sets, based on an individual knowledge and inventory identifying gaps. *
Defined benefits of technology investments and activities *
Detailed budget requirements to achieve technology related goals *
Aside from internal audit, what other functions rely on audit technology solutions? Select all that apply *
Does your audit department utilize and maintain a balanced scorecard? *
If you answered yes to question 15, to what extent are SOX responsibilities handled by the internal audit department?
How would you react to the following statement? "My organization effectively leverages audit technology solutions." *
As a whole, how likely would you recommend your organization's audit technology solutions to a friend? Please choose a number from 1 (definitely would not recommend) to 10 (definitely would recommend). *
If a technology solution could help to solve any audit process challenge and help to increase your department's value add, what would that solution do? *
Please specify your role in the organization. *
Please indicate any professional certifications or qualifications you have related to internal audit. Check all that apply *
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