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University of Utah Student Media
Directed Educational Experiences
University of Utah Student Media administers an experiential learning program as part of a student’s experience in Student Media.

Students who are awarded a Student Media experiential learning scholarship engage in a guided educational experience under the direction of the Student Media Council and the Director of Student Media, who also serves as the program director.

This document describes the program and outlines the expectations for students receiving an internship and participating in Student Media.

Internship Description
Level 1 – Intern

Interns act as content producers for Student Media. Recipients of internships act in a variety of roles such as reporters, radio hosts, photographers, designers, writers, programmers, developers, etc. Interns will work under the direction of senior and junior leadership scholarship recipients.

As appropriate and when Staff Contributor Scholarships are available, interns may apply for and receive a scholarship.

Interns are expected to help Student Media fulfill the vision of engaging, provoking, inspiring, and connecting the campus community by participating in the content creation process. The nature of this experiential learning program gives a student hands-on experience and a broad background in media content creation. The respective executive leader for each Student Media division will provide specific expectations for each position.

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