Internship and Research Assistantship Application
There are multiple, paid positions available with my group in the areas of computer architecture and operating systems, starting January 2019. The projects will be centered around the analysis, design and evaluation of memory and storage hierarchies for future computer systems, both in the server as well as the handheld domain.

As a part of my group, you'll work on very interesting and challenging problems in memory and storage systems research, publish in top tier venues and get a chance to interact with the best researchers world-wide, either through collaborative visits, or through attending conferences. If you are looking to apply to PhD programs in India and elsewhere, this will be an excellent opportunity to get some research experience under your belt.

Successful candidates should have a very good programming experience. A solid understanding of computer architecture, operating systems and compilers would also be hugely beneficial.

A work commitment of least 3 months (preferably 6 months) is required. The duration of the positions can be extended based on mutual fit. These positions will be based in Ashoka University in Sonipat, Haryana. Remote work possibilities might be considered for exceptional candidates.

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Exceptional post-doctoral candidates will also be considered. Please email me separately indicating that you are interested in a post-doctoral position with my group.
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Please take a look at my publications to get an idea about my research interests ( If possible, indicate two problems that you would be interested in working on. Also, help provide me an understanding of how this position will help you achieve your eventual career goals.
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