Embodied consent in pandemic times- a weekend playshop for queer hearts, september 18-20
Hi there beautiful being!
I am thrilled, to have you on board at the playshop “Embodied consent in pandemic times" taking place in Berlin, sepember 18 - 20. In the forehand I would love to get to know you a bit more and also the intentions and the expectations you might have.
Whats your full name *
With what name would you like to be adressed? *
What is your prefered pronoun(s) (for example - he, she, they etc.?) *
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Part of the being together over the weekend will be to establish lines of communication with ourselves that allow us to find and express our boundaries and edges, as well as our desires. We will also likely be a diverse group, particularly in terms of gender and orientation, and will need to cultivate a collective awareness of and respect for each other's identities and experiences. Have you previously spent time in spaces or groups with people of different genders, orientations, bodies, and backgrounds to you, and do you feel able to be engaged, open, and respectful in those environments? *
This playshop will dive deep into the world of consent. This can make sometimes challenging encounters with our emotional, embodied, or erotic selves. Do you feel willing to step up and meet yourself with kindness and curiosity, to cultivate friendship even with aspects of yourself you struggle with? What previous experience, if any, do you have of this kind of personal development/conscious work? * *
What are your expectations on this process? *
You might face unexpected emotions, as we might be reminded of passed situations in which we had no consent. Are you prepared for that? *
I might need some support here, which could look like as follow...
Price: First exercise of this journey: Pay from the heart. Means you first decide if you want to join, then you choose from your heart what to pay. Please take a few moments to both reflect on the reality of your financial situation and check with your heart what number feels right to pay, you can also pay in - betweens. If you cannot pay the Minimum, as then you can´t pay food and shelter anymore, please come back to me. *
When you decided how much to pay, you can pay either via paypal or via banktransfer: *
As soon as you paid your place is confirmed. Cancellation policy: If you cancel before september 11, I will charge you 20% of your payment. Cancellation after this you will be charged 50%. We live in difficult times, If you have to cancel at any time cause of the Corona - Virus, you will get your full money back, except 10%. I ask you to be sure about your health conditions and take no risk. Thank you! *
Anything else you wanna share?
Thank you for your time and energy, if any question came up, please don´t hesitate to come back to me! Happy to meet you soon in person! Greetings from the bottom of my heart - Puma
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