Age Friendly Akron Survey
We are conducting a survey of adults ages 50 and over to determine how Age Friendly our community is. Please take a moment to answer the following questions based on the neighborhood where you live. If you have questions or need assistance with this survey, please contact Susan Sigmon at (330) 899-5206.
How important is it to you to be able to remain in your neighborhood/City of Akron as you age? *
How important is it to you to be able to remain in your home as you age? *
In general, are you able to find information on the services that you need? *
What do you use to identify and access community services? (Select all that apply) *
What is your employment status? *
What is your usual way of running errands, getting to medical appointments, or attending events? (Select all that apply) *
Do you face any of the barriers listed below when traveling to an appointment, event, or community location? (Select all that apply) *
Are you a caregiver for a friend or loved one? *
In your neighborhood, do you have access to the following?
Well-maintained and safe parks that are within walking distance of your home *
Well-maintained public buildings and facilities (e.g. library or senior center) that are accessible to people of different physical abilities *
Neighborhood watch programs or civic associations *
Cross walks with pedestrian count down timers that allow enough time to cross *
Well-lit streets that are visually appealing (trees, flowers, benches, and public art make the street a nice place to walk or ride a bike) *
Full-service grocery store *
Pharmacy *
Sidewalks that are in good condition *
How would you rate Akron as a place for people to live as they age? *
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