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Please complete this form to submit a field trip request to Dumbarton House. We offer both in-person and virtual field trip options. For virtual programs, we are happy to provide a Zoom link or join your classroom.

A member of the Dumbarton House Education Department will be in touch within 5 business days to confirm details.
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Field Trip Descriptions
Dumbarton House reserves the right to change program offerings and descriptions without notice.

Our in-person programs are approximately 1.5 to 2 hours and our virtual programs are 1 hour long. All in-person programs include a craft activity and snack.

Time Travelers:  Kindergarten –2nd Grade
What was it like to live in America 200 years ago?  In this program specially designed for our youngest museum visitors we invite students to compare and contrast their daily lives with those of American families living during the Federal period. Students will explore history using their five senses. After the program, they can make a special craft! (Not offered virtually)

Capital Quest:  3rd-5th Grade
Students become history detectives on this quest through Washington D.C.’s past.  By spying for clues, examining primary sources, and strengthening map skills, students will uncover the rich history of the nation’s capital.  Discover why Washington D.C. was chosen as the capital city and explore the lives and ideals of early Americans who shaped the nation.
-The in-person program includes a craft activity and snack.
-In addition to an interactive tour, the virtual program includes a craft activity PDF and quiz for the teacher to use on their own time.

Parthenon to Portico:  3rd- 8th Grade
What does America have in common with Ancient Greece?  Students learn how America was influenced by this great civilization by comparing Classical Greek and American ideals of government, art, and architecture.  Using elements of Classical Greek architecture and their own imagination, students can design a public structure after the live portion of the program is over (PDF provided for virtual programs, craft portion included for in-person programs).

Changing City: Tobacco, Transportation, and Georgetown: 3rd-5th Grade
Delve into the founding of Washington DC through the port of Georgetown and its undeniable ties to the tobacco industry. Using primary sources, uncover the links between the tobacco trade, money, city growth and enslavement in this urban setting. Learn about the people who lived and worked in Georgetown and depended on trade from the perspective of three historic sites: Tudor Place, Dumbarton House and Georgetown Heritage. (Only offered virtually)

*Farm to Table: 3rd- 8th Grade
Students learn how food travels from the farm to their kitchen table on this interactive tour of the herb garden and historic period rooms. After the tour, the students plant a seed to take home!  This program integrates science, social studies, and nutrition to teach students about food production, healthy eating, and reducing our carbon footprint. (Not offered virtually)
*offered in the spring and early fall
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Virtual field trips are available Monday-Friday. In-person field trips are available Tuesday-Friday.

We will do our best to select a field trip date from your below availability. If none of the dates are available, we will reach out with additional options.
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Other program times may be accommodated during the museum’s opening hours; please select "other" and include when you would like to come.
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How Many Students and Chaperones will attend?
A maximum of 40 2nd-8th grade students can be accommodated.  All programs have a minimum requirement of 8 students. Chaperones should be teachers or other adults who are responsible for the behavior and management of the students. It is our expectation that chaperones stay with students at all times and help where need throughout the field trip.
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Accessibility and Accommodations
Dumbarton House is committed to providing the best experience for all students. Please let us know if anyone in your group has any accessibility needs or if they need accommodations during the field trip. The Education Department will reach out if more information is needed or to discuss the details further.  
For in-person programs, are there any allergies we should be aware of for snack time?
Field trips are free for DC Public and Charter Schools. Are you a DC Public or Charter School?
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