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2Lambie is working with California Bay Area Hospitals to sew and provide masks to their specifications for use on-top of N95 masks to prolong the useful life of those N95 masks. 2Lambie is also also looking to provide other essential workers (non-hospital staff) masks for some measure of aerosol droplet protection while preforming their essential duties. Experts are currently recommending everyone wear a mask; therefore, we will also be listing masks for sale for anyone in the public looking for extra protection when they must be in public spaces for essential activities. Masks will come in three sizes: Large (fits men and will fit over N95 masks), Medium (fits women, teens), and Small (fits kids ~5-10).
Everyone can help, even if you don't sew!
2Lambie is looking for help in funding this mask donation initiative, please take a look at our Ko-fi page and donate whatever contribution is meaningful to you toward our mask sewing effort.

Thank you for helping 2Lambie provide masks for all Essential Workers!
Volunteer Seamstress/Sewist Qualifications
Please fill-out this form if you are a talented seamstress/sewist looking to volunteer your time to sew masks for use during essential activities. This is a quick turn-around project and we need skilled volunteers with home sewing machines who can follow a pattern and instructions with limited guidance. Both 1/4" and 3/8" straight seams are required.

All materials will be provided including pattern, instructions, and training video from pattern maker. Pattern is 2 layers with attached ties to allow to custom fit on a variety of face shapes and sizes. This volunteer position may lead to paid positions with 2Lambie as we are always looking for talented sewists. Preference will be given to Bay Area local sewists (to reduce shipping costs) and very talented seamstresses anywhere in the continental US.
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