What do you want to know about "Visioning and Visualizing your best life?"
From last week's survey on book topics for this year, the clear winner is "Visioning and Visualizing your best life." As you may know, I’ve taught different classes and written about this topic. But I want to make sure I cover my bases. This is why I'd love it if you can respond to these simple questions below.

I'm grateful for your response. And if you have any questions, please email me at joselito@abundantgood.com.

Joselito Laudencia, Abundant Good Coaching and Training
What questions do you have about visioning and visualizing your best life?
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When you think about this topic, where are you stuck and where do you feel like you could use some support? What additional clarity would you like to have?
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What would you like to see in a book and a course about this topic?
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