EMap 「一步一腳印」👣 先導計畫 工作坊系列     EMap Co-creation Workshop Series
EMap 「一步一腳印」👣,由一班熱心於連結唔同族裔與加強社區共融嘅大學生組成。我地希望透過社區地圖創作、工作坊及訪問等等方法,拉近人與人之間嘅距離🤝。

(1) 2020年10月3日 (六), 1430-1700 ✅
(2) 2020年10月10日 (六), 1430-1600 或
      2020年10月17日 (六), 1130-1300 ✅
(3) 2020年10月17日 (六), 1430-1600 ✅
(Instagram) _emaphk_     https://www.instagram.com/_emaphk_/   
(Facebook) 一步一腳印 EMap    https://www.facebook.com/一步一腳印-EMap-108608470989997

We are EMap👣, a group of students from The Chinese University of Hong Kong who are interested in enhancing community cohesion. We hope the gap between people can be narrowed through community map creation, workshops, and interviews🤝.
Our pilot scheme, which will be held in October, consists of a series of activities, including training on cultural sensitivity, human library, and community mapping.
We invite you to join us now and hope to see you zoom🤩!

Workshop Dates:
(1) 3 Oct 2020 (Sat), 1430-1700 ✅
(2) 10 Oct 2020 (Sat), 1430-1600 OR
      17 Oct 2020 (Sat), 1130-1300 ✅
(3) 17 Oct 2020 (Sat), 1430-1600 ✅
Target: Secondary and University students
Venue: Zoom
(Instagram) _emaphk_     https://www.instagram.com/_emaphk_/   
(Facebook) 一步一腳印 EMap    https://www.facebook.com/一步一腳印-EMap-108608470989997
*Participants should attend all 3 workshops
*Participants who attend all 3 workshops with good performance will be rewarded with an electronic certificate

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