St. Peter's Feasibility Survey
Please return a survey by February 17, 2020. You can fill it out online, return it to the church office, or turn it in during your interview. Please contact Richie Musser with any questions at 484-364-0781 or
1. How long have you been attending St. Peter's?
2. What is your relationship with St. Peter's?
3. What is your overall view of St. Peter's?
4. How involved do you consider yourself to be in the church currently?
5. The vision of our Mission Campaign is to raise funds for the missional needs of the church including Christian educational resources, safe church initiatives, worship environment enhancements, church property renovations and improvements, and global mission initiatives that will lead this congregation to the future to which God is calling us. These plans are more fully detailed within the Mission Campaign draft vision .After looking through this document, how supportive are you of the drafted vision of the Mission Campaign?
6. The current estimated projected cost for this Mission Campaign vision could eclipse $2-$3 million. How supportive would you be of St. Peter’s raising these funds in a three-year Mission Campaign?
7. In order to define fundraising capabilities, and thus project a financial plan, in what range would your overall financial gift be over a three-year period to a Mission Campaign? Please know that this amount would be above your general giving.
8. Would you be willing to serve on the Mission Campaign Team?
9. Is St. Peter’s included in your current estate plans?
10. What are your comments and concerns regarding this vision?
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If you would like a personal interview or have any questions please
contact Richie Musser at 484-364-0781. Please visit to sign up for interviews online.
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