Briarcliff Woods Beach Club Pool Party Rules and Rental Agreement
Use this form to rent the BWBC pavilion.

Reservation Procedures:

*Request a rental date by completing this BWBC Rental Agreement.
*Once you are complete, BWBC will send you an invoice.
*Once your invoice is paid, the event will be put on the calendar and it is confirmed.

Reservation Rules:

*Nonmembers may not have pool parties.
*The BWBC member must be present at the gathering.
*No rentals on holidays.
*No more than two rentals may be scheduled per day unless approved by the BWBC board.
*Rentals may only use the pavilion for the two hours reserved. This includes set up and clean up time.
*If you have additional guests, please complete a guest fee form by the end of the rental.
*If you invite more than 20 people (members and/or nonmembers total) to your gathering, you must contact Dynamo Pool Management at prior to the gathering to hire additional lifeguards at your expense.
*All members and guests must follow all pool rules.
*For security and membership integrity, the front gate may not be propped open for guests.
*The BWBC member host is responsible for all clean up and taking all trash to the dumpster.


*Full Pavilion - $25 for two hours
*Guest fee - $3 for each nonmember entering the gate (even non swimmers pay $3 guest fee)
*No charge for children under the age of 1

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Number of Members Invited Including You *
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Total Party Attendees Invited *
Total Amount Due for Rental *
$25 base rental fee + $3 per guest
I agree to adhere to the aforementioned BWBC Pool Party Rules and Reservation Agreement during my two hour rental. I will provide the pool rules to all guests I host and I will clean up the pavilion and any other areas I use at the conclusion of my party. *
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