Trail Towns Survey
As part of an agreement with the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), the Partnership for the National Trails System (PNTS) is producing a series of case studies to support the awareness and understanding of the national trails.

The next topic PNTS intends to explore is how the national scenic and historic trail organizations collaborate and connect with local communities through their Trail Town/Gateway Community or similar programs.

Please complete this survey on behalf of your trail organization to help PNTS refine the scope of this case study by Friday, December 13.
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1. Does your trail organization already have an established Trail Town/Gateway Community or similar program?
2. If you answered YES to #1, how many cities/towns are part of this program and when did the program begin?
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3. If you answered NO to #1, is your trail organization interested in creating a similar program?
4. What would you like to learn about Trail Town/Gateway Community programs in order to create or improve upon your own program?
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5. If you answered YES to #1, please select which (if any) of the USDOT's strategic goals your Trail Town/Gateway Community or similar program addresses.
Please keep the following in mind when responding. Does your organization use innovative methods to develop and sustain these programs? Do these programs promote safety and/or enhance infrastructure? Are these programs accountable to the Trail Towns/Gateway Communities?
6. If you answered YES to #1, under the agreements with your Trail Towns/Gateway Communities, does your organization and/or the community sponsor trail-related special events annually or on some other schedule? If the answer is yes, please briefly describe these events.
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7. If you answered YES to #1, please briefly tell us why you think your Trail Town/Gateway Community or similar program should or should not be considered for a case study.
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