We're all complicit
As part of The Complicity Project, the SGA Sexual and Relationship Respect Committee is collecting submissions about the ways that we're all complicit in a culture that allows sexual violence on campus to continue occurring. To us, complicity means reinforcing a culture that perpetuates sexual violence, whether through our actions, our inaction, or in our associations.

How are you complicit in perpetuating sexual violence? How are the people around you complicit? This form will be open all semester, and we'll be using submissions as part of our ongoing project. See go/complicityproject for project updates throughout the semester.

Our goal for this project is to address our larger campus and societal culture that allows sexual violence to continue. We are all responsible for creating and upholding this culture, so we must encourage each other and ourselves to think critically and to take actions.

Responses from this survey will be included in our library display from 4/8-4/15 in Davis Library. Following the display, there will be a workshop on April 18 at 4:30 pm in Hillcrest 103. Barbara McCall, the Director of Health and Wellness Education, and Renee Wells, the Director of Education for Equity and Inclusion, will facilitate the workshop to give students tools for combatting complicity in sexual violence at Middlebury. Everyone is welcome to participate, and there will be sushi.

Update: We have received a number of submissions about individual people, and while we certainly recognize the complicity of individuals, we have decided not to publicly display submissions that call out individual people on the library display. Feel free to reach out to calter@middlebury.edu or vduong@middlebury.edu with any questions or concerns about this decision or about the project as a whole.
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How have you been complicit?
What are examples you've heard/seen of people around you being complicit in campus sexual violence?
Do you know people who have stayed friends with someone who has been accused of sexual violence?
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Have you stayed friends with someone who has been accused of sexual violence?
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If so, have you had critical conversations with the person about the incident(s)?
Why or why not?
What is a direct action that you can take to be less complicit?
What do you think we can do as a student body to be less complicit?
Other thoughts/ideas?
Are you comfortable with your answers being shared anonymously as part of this project?
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