#GetUsPPE LA - Donor Form & Volunteer Info
We are a group of volunteers working to coordinate collection of donated items and delivery of this essential equipment to local healthcare facilities. Many LA Area hospitals are already running desperately low on supplies of filtering face piece respirators (commonly known as "N-95 masks") and other kinds of personal protective equipment (PPE), and the need is only expected to increase going forward.

Many of us have a personal stock of respirators and other PPE. You may have bought these to protect yourself from wildfire smoke, for use during a DIY project, or recently before it became clear that PPE was in short supply where they are needed most (healthcare facilities). Perhaps you work in a high school or university lab, museum, or are a painter, contractor or woodworker.

If you have respirators or other PPE that you are able to donate, please complete the form below. Someone will get in touch with you to organize a pickup.

Note: Some healthcare facilities are only able to accept respirators in unopened packages. If you have unused respirators but in opened packages, we will still work to find a facility who can use them. Please make sure to specify the number of items in each condition below.

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the form below.

If you are a healthcare facility in need of PPE, please complete this form:

Other questions/comments? Email getusppela@gmail.com. Thank you!
Name *
Phone Number *
Donation pick ups are typically coordinated via text message. If this doesn't work for you, please leave special pick up instructions below.
Email Address
Address for pickup location (e.g. 123 Health St.) *
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Any special pickup instructions?
Availability (check all that apply)
PPE donation instructions
Below, please list the approximate number of the following PPE:
- N95 (respirator) masks
- Surgical/procedure masks
- Hand-sewn masks
- Nitrile gloves (not latex)
- Disinfecting wipes
- Face shields

We also take other PPE such as gowns and hand sanitizer.

The image below shows an example of what an N-95-style respirator looks like (the ones you have might look different). Respirators in this class may contain one of the following labels:
- N95
- Surgical N95
- N99
- N100
- R95
- P95
- P99
- P100
- FFP2
- FFP3
- KN95

If you're unsure about what you have and whether it is okay to donate, send us an email and we will try to help.
Example photos of N-95 respirators
What PPE can you donate? Please list the quantity of each item below.
*Unopened* N95 masks (quantity)
Opened N95 masks (quantity)
*Unopened* surgical / procedure masks (quantity)
Opened surgical / procedure masks (quantity)
*Unopened* disposable *nitrile* gloves (quantity)
Opened disposable *nitrile* gloves (quantity)
Canisters of disinfecting wipes (quantity)
Face shields (quantity)
Hand-sewn masks (quantity)
Do you have other PPE you can donate?
Please specify type of PPE and approximate amount. This can include eye protection (e.g. safety googles), gowns, or hand sanitizer.
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