PI4 2020 Datascience Bootcamp post-class survey
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In a few words explain what aspect of the Datasciene in R and Python computational bootcamp was most beneficial, fun, useful to you and why? *
What is your current knowledge of the following topics?
Little or no knowledge of topic
Some knowledge of topic
Extensive Knowledge of Topic
Python or Matlab
C, C++
Hypothesis tests
Confidence Intervals
Working with Data
Clear selection
What is your perception of the following topics?
Very intimidating
Slightly initimidating
Neither initimidating nor uninitimidating
Not very initimidating
Not intimidating at all
Clear selection
Are you confident that you can do the following?
May be
Use pipes to connect shell commands
Write a 'for loop' to automate a task
Write a function in R or Python
Initialize a repository with git
Write software that others can use
Submit a bug report
Import a library or package
Write a unit test
Write an SQL query
Create a scatter plot
Use data to test a hypothesis
Search for answers to technical questions online?
Use a programming language to work with data.
Use a programming language to automate tasks
I can write a small program/script/macro to solve a problem in my own work.
I know how to search for answers to my technical questions online.
While working on a programming project, if I get stuck, I can find ways of overcoming the problem.
I am confident in my ability to make use of programming software to work with data.
Using a programming language (like R or Python) can make my analyses easier to reproduce.
Using a programming language (like R or Python) can make me more efficient at working with data.
Clear selection
 I felt comfortable learning in this workshop environment
Clear selection
I can immediately apply what I learned at this workshop.
Clear selection
Please list the major strengths of this workshop.
Please list the ways the workshop could be improved.
Please rate your level of agreement with the following statements:
Strongly disagree
Strongly agree
I was able to get clear answers to my questions from the instructors.
The instructors were enthusiastic about the workshop.
I felt comfortable interacting with the instructors.
The instructors were knowledgeable about the material being taught.
Clear selection
Please provide an example of how an instructor or helper affected your learning experience.
How likely are you to recommend this workshop to a friend or colleague?
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Write a note to next bootcamp students: (eg. Before I took this camp, I thought data science was..., now I think data science is ... Really anything or two you wished someone told you before attending the bootcamp) *
How did the online delivery of the camp work for you?
What aspects of the online delivery were difficult for you as a learner?
Do you have any suggestions for how an online delivery for such content can be improved for you?
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