2017-2018 PISC Specialized Lead Application
Hello! Welcome to the 2017-2018 PISC Specialized Lead Application form. If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail the PISC Director, Kat Punzalan, at asuwpisc@uw.edu or stop by the PISC office at HUB 131D, located in the ASUW+ hallway. We would love to meet you!



- Network and Build a Community: PISC is one of the youngest Student Commissions in the ASUW. PISC is a great place to network as we hear about jobs, internships, scholarships, and leadership programs all the time through our academic and professional connections! As an intern you will get to meet and build relationships throughout the ASUW and the Pacific Islander community at the UW and the greater Seattle area.

- Broaden your skill set: Some of these positions require you to step outside your comfort zone and improve upon skills that you may carry with you into your professional careers. Not many people can say that they have programmed large events, worked on grant proposals, taught or lectured on Pacific Islander culture, or say that they coordinated student retreats on campus. This internship involves advocating for Pacific Islander students on UW's campus. Through this we hope that you will both find your community and build upon your leadership skills. We intend on giving you and experience that will both be educational and beneficial to your personal growth.

- Celebrate Pacific Islander Culture: One of the best parts about PISC is that we oversee several diverse student organizations. Even with a small list of organizations, our constituents are teeming with diversity. Whether you’re interested in learning how to cook traditional Micronesian dishes with MIC, learning about Polynesian kava ceremonies with PSA, about Hawaiian legends with Hui, how to dance traditional Filipino dances with the FASA learning how to or even just meeting awesome people to help you advance your education in PIPE, you are bound to not only explore your own Oceanic culture, but also experience other cultures.


There are, at most, 9 lead positions in which any enrolled student at UW-Seattle may apply for. These are unpaid internships that will begin at the Strengthening Our Pasifik Alliances Meeting (SPAM) tentative for Friday, October 20, 2017.

Basic responsibilities of all accepted leads include:
- Attend Bi-weekly scheduled meetings with Director. These meetings can take the form of one-on-ones or group meetings.
- Attend collaborative meetings with all PISC leads and interns
- Help out with PISC-hosted events
- Maintain a GPA above 2.5

Applicants are highly encouraged to:
-Be willing to spend at least an hour a week in HUB 131
-Be a member of at least one PISC-affiliated student organization (not necessarily an officer!) and be willing to attend events hosted by our PISC constituents and be involved with the entire Pasifika community on campus
- Make a consistent effort to fulfill designated projects in a timely manner. (Director will consistently make an active effort to allocate reasonable time for each task at hand.)


Projected Time Commitment: 1-3 Hours a week.

Description: The Webmaster/Historian Team is the team that handles all online documentation and archiving of PISC projects, news, and events. The primary responsibility of the webmaster is to ensure that the website (pisc.asuw.org) is user friendly and updated in a timely manner. The primary responsibility of the historian is to take photos at PISC and PISC RSO meetings and events. The historian will also assist with a potential documentary projects led by interested community members and UW’s Pacific Islander student community that the PISC intends to support. This is ideal for people who are interested in blogging, photography, and web design.

Requirements: Applicants for the webmaster position should know how to navigate Wordpress’s administrative interface with ease. There are no requirements for the historian position (While previous experience with a DSLR helps, there are no requirements other than commitment and an interest in taking great photos at fun events!). You may apply to hold both positions simultaneously.

Duties (not an extensive list):
- Assist with archiving photos and other data from past PISC events and news
- Update the website weekly with new content as advised by the director. Expect weekly update duties.
- Update the PISC listserv as necessary.
- Integrate a user friendly gallery organized by event into the PISC website.
-Update the PISC calendar with all PISC and PISC RSO events as well as other events relevant to the Pacific Islander community
- Create the template for the quarterly Pasifik Voices newsletter special
-Create the template for the bi-weekly PISC newsletter
-Configure the listserv as needed
- Take photos and document PISC events.
- Update the PISC Instagram with photos from each PISC program
- Videograph for a major Pacific Islander documentary project
- Take photo booth pictures during reception-style PISC events (i.e. Pasifik Grad)
-Gear (camera, tripod) will be provided by Kat (the Director) if needed

Projected Time Commitment: 2-6 Hours a Week.

Description: The PISC legislative team is the committee that will handle administrative, legislative, and external outreach efforts to advocate for resources and support for the Pacific Islander community at the UW. This team, above all, will be the backbone of the Commission’s efforts to establish (1) a Pacific Islander Studies Initiative and (2) a Pacific Islander Advisory Board to the Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity Vice President Ricky Hall alongside supporting community members. Interns on this team will gain experience in community advocacy, policy work, and outreach.
Requirements: None. You may apply to hold both positions under this team simultaneously.

Duties (not an extensive list):
- Must be free Tuesdays from 5 PM -7 PM for ASUW Senate Sessions.
- Serve as the Senate liaison for ASUW PISC and vote in the interests of and advocate for the PISC constituency.
-Update the PISC Facebook group with succinct and general updates on what went on in Senate/SAB every week.
- Exhibit willingness and dedication to attending RSO Meetings in an effort to know and understand needs of constituents.

- Work with the Director, Senate intern, and community members to write legislation in advocacy for Pacific Islander needs on campus
-Draft letters to external agencies soliciting support for PISC initiatives.
- Research related administrative procedures for PISC initiatives.
- Head initiatives to develop a Pacific Islander Advisory Board and curriculum at the UW.
- Excellent experience for those looking to enter public policy or gain experience in procedural research and community advocacy.

Projected Time Commitment: 1-3 hours a week

Description: The Academic Empowerment and Professional Development Intern will oversee the Commission’s efforts to ensure that Pacific Islander UW students and college-bound high school students have the academic and professional resources they need to succeed. This position will give you the opportunity to work with students and Pacific Islander outreach and recruitment staff. You will also be able to embark on projects that you believe will help the Pacific Islander community succeed academically and in the workforce.

Requirements: None.

Duties (not an extensive list):
- Oversee and lead the PISC’s workshop and presence at the annual UPRISE conference
- Frontline leadership and advocacy efforts alongside the Legislative team to establish a Pacific Islander Studies initiative at the University of Washington
- Improve leadership and professional capabilities in Oceanic student leaders.
- Share relevant school/professional opportunities for students (e.g. jobs, internships, scholarships, conferences, programs).
-Share and teach about Pacific Islander culture and intersectionality in workshop or small group settings.
-Assist high school outreach movements such as MOM and POP when needed.
- Help organize leadership conferences and workshops for UW student leaders.
- Help UW leaders build a community within the UW and help UW leaders build relationship with Pasifik Leaders in Washington State.
- Ideal for people who are interested in leadership, education and career advocacy, higher education administration, and teaching.

Projected Time Commitment: 2-5 hours a week

Description: Are you passionate about your roots? Do you want to embark on a project that will tell the story of the Pacific Islander community and advocacy in Washington state? Apply to be our archival and documentary intern! One of the major projects PISC hopes to support this year is the collection of stories that came together to create what we know as the Pacific Islander community at the UW and in Washington state. Your vision and your efforts through this position will definitely make history and serve as a tool for future advocacy for the Pacific Islander community.
Requirements: None. Strong internal and external Pacific Islander community networks OR interpersonal communication and archival skills strongly recommended.

Duties (not an extensive list):
- Contact and interview past PISC Directors, major Pacific Islander community activists, and UW PI faculty and staff
-Learn and understand past support networks, advocacy methods, and community organizations that shaped the experiences of Pacific Islanders in Washington state.
- Research archives for photos, documents, etc that contribute to the Pacific Islander community's history
-Organize files and documents in the PISC office.
- Compile findings in a legible and accessible format of your choosing
- Lead the efforts of a potential video documentary on the subject of Pacific Islanders in Washington state
- Form strong connections with internal and external Pacific Islander networks

Applications close on 12:00 AM Thursday, October 12, 2017. The turnover rate for the application process is quick, for the upcoming projects require swift attention from the team. If chosen, the Director will reach out to you for an interview by Friday, October 13. Interviews will be scheduled to take place during the time period of October 16-October 18. Applicants will be notified of PISC’s decisions on or by October 19th.

The official introduction of new interns to the PISC Constituency will be at the Strengthening Our Pasifik Alliances Meeting from 5-7PM at the Ethnic Cultural Center Native and Chicano Room, tentative for October 20, 2017.

Best of luck!

Katrina Salazar Punzalan
ASUW PISC Director, 2017-2018

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