Advocacy Assembly Survey for May 2019
Advocacy Assembly is always trying to improve. That's why we've created a short survey for you. Tell us what's working, what you want more of and how we can make the training platform better! The information from this survey will help us to understand how we can design relevant courses for you! Have more comments? Reach out to us at and let us know your feedback.
Would you recommend this training platform to a colleague?
Will you apply the new skills you've learned in the courses to your career?
Did the course teach you what you expected to learn?
How would you rate the length of the course(s)?
If you took a course in Arabic or Farsi, how would you rate the quality of the course translation?
For which of these topics would you like to see new courses developed?
Tell us what other topics you want to learn about. *
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What was your favourite course and why?
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If you didn't complete a course, why not? *
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What one thing would you change about Advocacy Assembly? *
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Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?
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