2021 Parade Volunteer Form - Cache County Republican Party
It's parade season! Come join us for celebrations all over the valley this summer!

Volunteers will help by walking (or riding) with the CCRP parade truck handing out platforms/pocket Constitutions and throwing bubble gum. We will also be handing out Declaration of Independence cards again in the Independence Day parades. This was a HUGE hit last year!

You will receive a t-shirt to wear and have the opportunity to walk with some of our elected officials and fellow volunteers. You will receive more info about where to meet and what to expect prior to the parade via email/text.

Our goal in participating in these events is to show each community that we care and we are here to support them. Our goal in sharing our party platform and the Constitutions/Declaration of Independence is to help people understand what principles we stand for. Our hope is that it will encourage more to join us!

Thank you for your willingness to help!

*A separate sign up form will be sent out for the Cache County Fair Booth in August
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