MindMatters Tutorial TA Internship Application
MindMatters Tutorial is a private learning center located in Astoria, Queens. We offer various high-quality, yet affordable tutoring services for grades K-12. Our instructors are certified teachers and highly experienced and qualified individuals from top universities such as Columbia University, New York University, etc.

We are currently seeking high school students to join our team as Teaching Assistants through our comprehensive internship program. Our interns not only participate, but learn from our cause! We have three internship programs:
- Fall Internship: September to January
- Spring Internship: February to June
- Summer Internship: July to August

Rolling deadline. We will review applications as they are submitted.
*If you applied AND interviewed before, then you may NOT apply again.
*If you applied, but DID NOT interview, then you may apply again.

Teaching Assistants are expected to assist instructors by mentoring younger students, conduct outreaching in the local community, and perform general office work. All interns must work a minimum of two shifts per week to receive the full benefits. Shifts are typically three to fours long and assigned based on availability.

Teaching Assistants are credited with community service hours, participate in intern competitions, receive FREE SAT classes, and are trained to potentially become our next generation of instructors upon graduation.

As an added benefit, all applicants invited for an interview session will receive a FREE GIFT VOUCHER (values up to $200) for SAT classes during their interview! Why? Regardless of admission status for our internship program, we hope to make SAT preparation possible for all students.

Complete the questions below to apply to be a Teaching Assistant intern at MindMatters Tutorial!

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