Kitchen Table Climate Conversation (KTCC) feedback form
We're excited to hear your feedback on this form or, if you would prefer, you can also share your thoughts at this email:
Have you attended a KTCC training?
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Have you used the KTCC toolkit on the ClimateFast website?
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How useful did you find the training?
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How useful did you find the toolkit
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How could we have made the training and/or the toolkit more useful for you?
What other support could we provide, to make you feel comfortable hosting your own Kitchen Table Climate Conversation?
If you have held a KTCC already, could you tell us how it went? What were some key moments, insights, action ideas coming out of the discussion, etc.
We want to keep track of places in Ontario where KTCCs have taken place. Could you include your city or town to help us?
Feel free to leave additional comments if you like.
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