TEDxDurham Speaker Nomination
Do you know someone who has a brilliant idea to share with the Durham community at a TEDxDurham event? Do you know someone doing incredible work in Durham, the Triangle, or NC that should be shared with the world? Maybe you know a brilliant musician, doctor, 4D progressive artist, fascinating author, environmentalist, an engaged community member or a deep thinker with a novel way of representing or looking at the world. If so, recommend them! We would love to begin to explore the possibility of having them share their brilliance on the TEDxDurham stage.

Are you a person who would like to speak? If so, stop filling out this form right now and have a conversation with a friend, family member, or colleague. Ask them to nominate you. Share your idea with them. It will strengthen your nomination!

We are constantly seeking out new ideas to amplify and highlight on our stage. That means we accept nominations year round. We have live speakers across all of our event types, including:
TEDxDurhamSalon events (once every month or two)
TEDxDurham 2018 : No Filter. (October 6)
TEDxDurhamLive (In April of 2019)


We get a high volume of nominations. Therefore, any nominations with the following criteria will be rejected immediately:

1) Self nominations. Seriously, do not nominate yourself.
2) Motivational talks. That includes any idea that is similar to "Be the best you" or "Say yes to yourself". There's a place for these talks, but TEDx events are not that place.
3) Pseudoscience - any scientific talk not based in verifiable evidence.
4) Proselytizing. The nominee's faith can be an important part of their lives, but they cannot state that their faith is the singular Truth.
5) Inflammatory political language or agenda.
6) Polarizing, "us vs. them" language.
7) Selling from the stage.
8) Anyone without a connection to Durham, the Triangle or NC.

Any nominations that include the following criteria will be considered after all other nominations:

1) Professional speakers. Why? First, a TEDTalk is unlike any talk the nominee has probably ever given. Second, we love to highlight unheard voices first.
2) Speakers who have a connection to NC but do not live in NC. We are TEDxDurham and aim to highlight people who live and work and thrive in Durham first. However, we know great ideas come from everywhere - and the right idea that is relevant to Durham now can come from a person with a connection to Durham who no longer lives here.
3) Anyone who wants to give a talk at TEDxDurham that they have given elsewhere. We are not on the speaking circuit; we want the freshest ideas possible, and we want the nominee to give the talk of their lives!
4) An incomplete nomination form.

1) When will I know if the person I nominated has been accepted / rejected?
- Because we constantly accept nominations, our curation team meets regularly to discuss nominations. You and the nominee should hear the results of your nomination within 60 days of submission.
2) Does TEDxDurham pay its speakers?
- No. Per TED's rules, no TEDx event is allowed to pay speakers or performers who appear on the main stage. You can read those rules over here: https://www.ted.com/participate/organize-a-local-tedx-event/before-you-start/tedx-rules#h2--speakers
3) What are TED's content guidelines? http://storage.ted.com/tedx/manuals/tedxcontentguidelines.pdf
4) Can I speak at TEDxDurham?
- Maybe! Remember, get someone else to nominate you. DO NOT NOMINATE YOURSELF.
5) Can I nominate my client?
- Yes, absolutely. However, speaking at TEDxDurham is a significant time commitment and the curators will not work with your client through a proxy. If we're interested, we will want to speak directly with your client very soon after you submit your nomination!
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First a bit about you, the nominator
Who are you? Remember, if you're the same person as the potential speaker, this nomination is thrown out. Expect a call from us confirming your nomination within 48 hours of submission.
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The Details of the Idea
In a perfect world, you and the person you are nominating are filling this out together. Work with the potential speaker and ask them the next 4 questions. It's not mandatory, but it will help us get a better idea of what the idea is.
What is their idea worth spreading in 2-3 sentences? *
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What problem does the idea solve? *
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What has this person done to make their idea a reality in the world?
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Why does their idea matter? Can the audience do anything about this idea? If so, what? *
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Thank you! We'll reach out to both you and the nominee shortly!

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