Hoshiikins 2019
Let's make 2019 the best year yet! Answering this questionnaire will provide me with invaluable information on how to optimize areas and improve overall! Please select the options most true to you!

Participants will receive ONE FREE SURPRISE EAR BOW with their next purchase as a thank you for your time, please email me after your order with your name and I will fulfill it then! Expires 3/1/2019

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I would like to note that I have been working on the below issue for the past year with some good progress so far! Auctions, Surprise Release, BYO Releases are all result of this, I am still looking for a solution that would not push away loyal customers but also allow those who haven't had a chance yet, an opportunity.
If you'd like a reply or to discuss with me further, feel free to include your email!
Suggestions on how to further limit scalpers and those who take advantage of releases?
Finished! Thank you, Hoshiikins is made possible because of you!
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