i to the Fourth Rookie Member Application 2017-2018
Please note that there will be a 20+ hour commitment per week from January through mid March, including after school and Saturday meetings. During the off-season, meetings will be less frequent.
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Full Legal Name
What school do you attend? *
Is your GPA above a 2.0? *
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Facebook Username
Recommended to have a Facebook to keep in contact with the team
List your extracurricular activities, respective time commitments, and leadership experiences. *
Please be as specific as possible.
Subteam Ratings
Please rate each subteam based on your interest in joining (0: would prefer not to be a robotics team member if placed on this subteam. 5: Would greatly enjoy being on the sub team)
Members will likely get a chance to work with multiple subteams if they wish.
Programming *
Logistics *
Fundraising, Logistics, Finance and Marketing
Safety *
Electrical *
Fabrication *
Design *
Why are you interested in joining i to the Fourth? *
What do you hope to gain from joining i to the Fourth? *
How did you find out about i to the Fourth? *
Skills and Experience
Do you have any artistic skills or experience? Explain *
Digital art program experience, poster-making, drawings, photography etc.
Rate your communication skills. *
5 being best
Rate your writing skills. *
5 being best
Do you have experience keeping track of or working with money? *
Please describe and elaborate on your experience
Do you have experience with fundraising? *
Please describe the extent of your experience, with examples if possible
Describe your experiences with management. *
ex: organizational skills, time management, club secretary, etc.
Do you have experience working with children (in Grade school - Middle school)?
List any programming languages you have experience with *
Please describe extent of skills
Do you have experience working with physical electric circuits? *
Mechanical Skills
Check all that apply
Mechanical Experience
How did you gain the skills marked in the previous question? (Leave blank if you marked none)
General/Non Technical Skills *
What do you hope to contribute to the team, outside of any possible technical expertise?
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