New Society Application Form
If you would like to start your own society then just fill out the form below with as much information as possible.
The form will be sent to the Communities Team for review. We will get back to you as soon as possible about your application.
We will then ask to meet with you and other students involved in this application about how to run a society.

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Proposed name of the Society:
What are your key aims?
Our key objectives are to, and will be achieved by:
Expected annual running costs for your proposed society:
How much will membership cost? - (minimum membership fee is £5. Your society can be free if proven to have no running costs)
Potential Members
For the next step you’ll need to have a minimum of five students interested in joining this society and provide their name, email and campus card number.
Student 1 - Name and student email:
Student 2 - Name and student email:
Student 3 - Name and student email:
Student 4 - Name and student email:
Student 5 - Name and student email:
Society Committee
You will need to have a committee who will be running the Society. Contact details aren’t an option - you are required to fill in all details.
A committee must comprise of at least the 3 top positions of President, Vice President and Treasurer. Other committee positions are optional.
President name and student email
Vice President name and student email
Treasurer name and student email
Do you wish to have any other Committee members? Please give position name, student name and email below
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