Make the Midterm Pledge 2018
In a representative democracy, your vote is your voice. This November, Americans will use their vote to speak up not just for candidates and policies, but for their values and vision for our country.

In the current climate, it's not enough to fill out your ballot. Make a pledge to be prepared and informed when you vote this November.

Created by the team at Americans of Conscience Checklist ( to encourage your participation. Rest assured, when you sign, we won't spam you or even send a follow-up message. All links open in a new tab. You can print out this pledge at the end.
1. I pledge to vote in the US midterm elections Tuesday, November 6, 2018. *
2. I pledge that I am registered to vote. *
3. To make sure I haven't been purged from voter rolls, I pledge to double-check my registration status ahead of deadline (check all that apply). *
4. Because of foreign efforts to divide Americans, I pledge to ignore online trolls/bots and maintain faith in the power of my vote. (Check all that apply.) *
5. Optional: To counter voter suppression, I pledge to help my neighbors vote. (Check all that apply.)
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