Therapy for bisexuals and pansexuals
This survey deals with wishes and experiences with therapies. The participation is important because the evaluation of the survey is passed on to the VLSP (Association for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, intersexuals and queer people in psychology).
Privacy Policy
Since this subject is certainly very personal for most people, here again the note: All information is voluntary, the survey-performers have no interest in publishing personal data. However, we want to enable an improvement of the therapies for bisexuals and pansexuals. Therefore, we will of course evaluate and publish the survey. Those who do not want this may not participate in this survey.
What do you think about counselling and psychotherapy?
Have you already been in psychotherapy (as patient / client)?
If you have been in psychotherapy, do you still know what method?
Which experiences have you made with counselling / psychotherapy in relation to your bisexuality/pansexuality?
I wish/recommend:
I want to add to this subject:
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