Schedule 8 Treatment Permit Survey
Medicines and Poisons Regulation (the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services) is reviewing the Schedule 8 Treatment permit requirements following the introduction of SafeScript.
1. State your field of practice (e.g. GP, Nurse practitioner, Specialist (please state speciality)). *
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2. Are you aware of the requirement to apply for a permit when prescribing schedule 8 medications? *
3. Do you understand the purpose of the Schedule 8 Treatment Permit system?
4. Have you used Schedule 8 Treatment Permits to have a conversation with a patient about their treatment?
5. Have Schedule 8 Treatment Permit applications prompted you to refer your patient to the relevant specialist?
6. Have Schedule 8 Treatment Permit applications informed you of information about your patient that you were not aware of?
7. Have you decided not to treat a patient due to information provided via your Schedule 8 Treatment Permit application?
8. Overall, do you consider Schedule 8 Treatment Permits to benefit your patients?
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