AAC Major/Minor Revision Form
A major/minor revision form requires the following:

1) this form
2) supplements: a catalog copy, major/minor checklist, and for major proposals, an assessment map with learning outcomes and a sample four-year plan
3) the required signatures

Please see the AAC website (http://inside.augsburg.edu/facultysenate/aac/major-minor-and-program-proposals/) for more information.

Once submitted, your responses from this form will populate into a new Google Doc, which then serves as your proposal. You will receive an email notification with a link to your editable Google Doc after submitting this form. If you need to edit your responses, use the link within that notification.
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Short Form vs. Long Form
There are two types of AAC major/minor forms - a short form and a long form. Please read the information below to determine which form you should submit.

Form A (Short Form)
Required for major/minor revisions that are small in scope. May include adding courses to a list of electives, adding courses to Graduation Skills, adjusting a department policy, etc. Does not change the overall size of the major/minor requirements.

Form B (Long Form)
Required for major/minor revisions that are more significant, such as adding or removing required courses (changing the size of the major/minor), or overhauling the requirements.
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