North American Women's Association of Ghana- Project Application- Phase One
NAWA’s Humanitarian Projects have been at the heart of our organization since it began and is the focus and mission of all who join. Our application process consists of two phases. The first phase provides us with general information about your organization. If your organization is approved, you will then be invited to complete phase two of the application.

1. Projects supported by NAWA must primarily benefit women & children.
2. NAWA requires that all prospective Grantees must be registered NGOs in Ghana. All certificates from the Registrar General's Department and the Department of Social Welfare / Development must be available and current at the time of application.
3. NAWA has a biannual grants / funding cycle. Deadlines for submitting proposals for funding are January 31st & September 30th each year.
4. NAWA does not fund recurring costs including but not limited to : rent, utility bills, salaries, honorariums, food, water, clothing, business capital, fuel / transportation / vehicles, sanitary pads, toiletries, medical expenses, consultancy / administrative / capacity building fees, etc.
5. The project cost should be within the range of GHC5,000 to GHC25,000. The project duration / completion time should be within one year.
6. All requests for funding are subject to further review and vetting by NAWA's Humanitarian Projects Committee. Final approval is given by NAWA's Board of Directors. Each proposal is assessed on a case by case basis. A grants request may be approved, partly-funded or declined. NAWA reserves the right to take a decision on a grants proposal based on our in - house policy, available funds and Bylaws.
7. All NGO beneficiaries of a NAWA grant will not be eligible for funding two years from the date of receipt of a current grant.
8. All prospective NGO Applicants must have been in existence for at least two years prior to submitting a proposal to NAWA. NGOs are required to demonstrate project(s) undertaken and / or completed since inception.
9. NAWA reserves the right to cross check the authenticity of all documents and certificates with the issuing Agency without prior recourse to the Applicant.

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