Able to Help - Winnipeg One Neighbourhood Initiative - Coronavirus support
Please sign up on this sheet if you are able to help a community member who who needs help getting supplies. Please note that you are NOT responsible for paying for these supplies. I highly suggest discussing payment method with the individual you are helping before doing anything, as well as discussing their budget so that you don't spend more than they can afford.

If you are someone trying to sign up who is in need of help, please find the correct form here:

By filling out this form you are agreeing that your email and phone number will be shared with an individual who will be assigned to help you get supplies.

**PLEASE NOTE** You are responsible for your own safety in this, and the organizers are merely connecting people. By using this service you are accepting all risks to your self, other individuals in your home, and your property.
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City Ward (Neighbourhood) - also includes some towns outside of Winnipeg *
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Are you willing to help more than one person? If yes, please state how many. If no, please leave blank
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