Application form - 50 IDEAS FOR EUROPE
Share with us your best idea for better Europe by submitting the idea, which can be rewarded, by April 25th, 2019!
Ideas in the form of:

-Local community initiatives
-Promo campaigns/awareness raising
-Educational programs
-Other ideas which highlight the need for young people to be at the forefront of
community changes in Europe

We propose that considering idea(s) should provide an important link between creativity and innovation.

The Call is organized under five specific topics and each of the submitted ideas needs to provide answers to the question that defines each of them. You should choose one of the 5 topics, nevertheless you do not need to stick to the specific questions below.


Youth from 15-30


 Mobile Europe and Travelling

How could you empower connection between European youth?
Young people need more opportunities like….

 Future Jobs for Europe

Which jobs will be in demand in the future in Europe and how can we gain skills needed for them?
How can you foster entrepreneurship spirit in your community?

 Inclusive Europe

If we want more inclusive space for young people in Europe we need to…
We can make youth programs in Europe more inclusive if we….

 Eco-friendly Europe

How can you be more eco-friendly?
How can your local community be more eco-friendly?
What would be your solution(s) for environmental problems?

 Tech-Europe

How can tech empower you and your local community?
How can tech empower Europe?

 Europe for You(th)

What is the change you want to see in your local community or region and how could you contribute to make it happen?
Why I want to stay in Europe?

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