By completing this survey, you will help towards research of understanding community resources and needs. 
Here at Samford Showground we would love to provide the right space for the community to share skills, knowledge and passions. We want to encourage people from the community, and from the outside, to bring their ideas and thoughts. You will be asked to answer survey questions that will take 1 minute of your time. The benefit of this research is that you will be helping us to better understand our community needs, the resources available and the services that are still needed for yourself, your little ones or your group. This information will help us to work together to create a better service for a better community.
* 1. What is your age? *
* 2. Below is a list of services and lessons. Please select any you or your family would love to attend to. *
*3. Based on your free time, please select when you would be available to attend these events/courses: *
* 4. What is your post code? *
* 5. How far would you be happy to drive to attend to these events/courses? *
* 6. Do you have a vehicle? *
* 8. What have we not asked you about that you feel is important? *
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