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This is the submission page for the Indiepocalypse capsule reviews! As part of the expansion of the Indiepocalypse zine I want to start including short capsule reviews for indie/old obscure games. Reviews should be 30~50 words long (though it could be shorter) and have one screenshot.

PAY: $10 USD

No proofs need be done here! Just link examples of your work and name to game you'd like to review.

I am basically looking for anything that in your definition constitutes a 'review'. It does not have to be a traditional consumer review. So long as it feels at least adjacent to a review, it's good! Also, I mentioned a length earlier but it could of course be shorter. It could even be one word long, provided it's a very good word!

My own editing of the review will be relatively light-to-nonexistent.

I will claim no exclusivity or ownership of the work published.

Indiepocalypse is a monthly bundle on indie games and an accompanying zine. The zine originally featured a page for each developer to showcase their but is expanding into a larger game/art zine. Indiepocalypse is run by Andrew (@PIZZAPRANKS), an indie game developer who just thought something like this should exist.

You can check out the past issues at
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