Home Demo Request
Please fill in your details below if you want one of our Superbottoms Moms to visit you and explain about Superbottoms.
Our Moms Team will -
1. Explain to you what are Superbottoms
2. Explain different types and how to use them
3. Wash care
4. Ideal diaper to choose

Do note -
1. This service is available in select areas only, we will add newer areas every few days
2. Our Moms Team will reach out to you within 2 days of your request
3. You and our representative mom need to agree upon a mutually convenient time for the demo
4. The demo will be done by mothers who themselves have young kids. Please be considerate and accommodating while deciding the meeting date and time
5. To ensure safety of our team, the demo will be done only if there is at least one adult female in the house during the demo. Kindly ensure the same when you decide on the demo time.
6. Request you to please not ask our representatives to wear the diaper on your baby

This form is for new parents who wish to request for a home demo.
If you wish to become a part of our Home Demo team and conduct them, kindly write to us at hello@superbottoms.com for more information.

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