Rainy Day Dinner Club Parent/Guardian Agreement
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Cooking in our class, Knife Safety Rules, & Classroom Expectations
Students will practice knife safety and cutting techniques using  6-8 inch sharp chef knives.

Under teacher supervision, students will occasionally have the opportunity to help stir our class pot.

We will provide vegetarian option upon request at registration.

We cannot provide gluten free or dairy free substitutions.

Students are responsible for making and completing their own meal. If a student falls ill or choose to stop participating they will not leave with a completed meal.

Students are expected to maintain the same behavioral standard that they would during the formal school day.

On the first day of class, student go home with a copy of our Knife Safety Rules & Classroom Expectations.​ We’re asking all parents to review these expectations with their child before the second week of class.

If a child is consistently disruptive and prevents the instructor from conducting class, the instructor reserves the right to ask the child to drop the class. Parents will be given a formal warning before these measures are taken.

•      Students are expected to maintain the same behavioral standard that they would during the formal school day.

Food allergies and restrictions
If your child has any food/substance allergies, please note them during registration and on our waiver. Programs staff will follow up with families on a case-by-case basis. Parents/guardians are responsible for providing any necessary medical supplies (e.g., EpiPen). Program Instructors have current First Aid/CPR certification.

Nuts: Our recipes are peanut and common tree nut free.
We do NOT adhere to a “nut-free” policy at School. However, we make every effort to minimize risk to vulnerable students. For students who bring snacks, our staff enforces a strict, “no trading and no sharing” policy. In addition, instructors are informed of any student who has allergies.

Other Allergies: We’re unable to provide gluten free or dairy free classes.
Students work together to make one large pot of class sauce that is divided among the students therefore substitutions are not an option.

Vegetarians: We provide vegetarian options upon request at registration.
Families that don’t eat certain types of meat should register as vegetarian. ​
Missing the first cooking class
Our cooking classes are designed for students to build on their skill level over time. On our first day of class we cover all our Knife Safety Rules & Classroom Expectations.​

If your child needs to misses the first class please email us and we will provide you with the rules and recipe so you can go through the lesson at home.
Tuition refunds and scholarships
Class cancellation due to Low Enrollment - Full Refund (minus school fees)

Refund Policy,  student tuition is refundable as follows:
All school fees are collected separately, please contact your school directly regarding school fee refunds.
Two weeks prior to class start date- Full refund (minus registration, taxes, and school fees)
Two weeks through one week prior to class start date- 50% refund (minus registration, taxes, and school fees)
Cancellations made one week or sooner to the first day of will not receive a refund.  
​• There are no refunds or make days for student absents. Due to our linear approach to cooking a friend or sibling cannot replace an absent student.

School Mandated Closures:
We will work with schools on finding available make-up days
If make-up days are not possible, we will off discounted rates for the next session.

Many schools offer enrichment scholarships and applicants must go through the school or PTA.
If your school does not manage scholarships, the following will be adhered to:
RDDC provides 1 full or 2 half scholarships per class session.
Qualifying students must be enrolled in reduced or free lunch in the year they are registering.
It's issued on a first come first served basis and only one scholarship per family, per school year.
Late or Early Pick up & Walk Home Authorization
Parent pick-up is listed on registration and the welcome email.

Early Pick-up:
Students getting picked up early are not guaranteed a completed meal.

Late Pick-up:
If you’re running late, please call or text with student’s name, school, and ETA. We will provide a 10 minute grace period.
Parents arriving over 10 minutes late will be charged $20 for late pickup. If parents are repeatedly late, we may suspend enrollment without refund.

Walk Home Authorization:
 If your child is able to walk home by themselves, we need that authorization in writing. **Please note that many of our meals can be heavy to carry! If walking is your plan, it would be a good idea to bring a bag that will fit our half sheet foil pan.
Inclement Weather Policy
If your school as an Inclement Weather Policy that also covers refunds, RDDC will follow that policy.

If your school does not have a policy, the following will be adhered to:

If the school cancels enrichment programs for weather conditions, we work with the school to schedule a make-up-class.

If that is not possible, we will not issue refunds.

However, if the school is running enrichment programs but RDDC needs to cancel due to weather conditions, and a make-up day is not able to be scheduled, refunds will be issued.
Safety of students is of highest priority. Program staff work very hard to maintain an environment where students can participate in activities safely.

All our instructors have current First Aid/CPR certification. Occasionally students may experience a minor injury while participating in activities. When that happens, program staff uses their first aid knowledge to take care of the student. All staff carries basic first aid supplies with them throughout the day.

If a child is significantly injured, the staff will immediately call 9-1-1 as well as notify a parent or guardian. In the event of a natural or other disaster, students will remain under the direct care and supervision of program staff until an authorized individual is able to check them out.
Your registration implies permission for Rainy Day Dinner Club to use photographs of students for promotional purposes. If you do not want your child photographed, please email us.
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By Typing your name below you're signing this form, parents/guardians agree to this waiver, give permission for their students to participate in Rainy Day Dinner Club activities per the Expectations that follow, and give permission to the adults in charge to seek emergency medical treatment and/or transportation for their children.  The undersigned also hereby affirms that he/she has authority to execute this release on behalf of his/her student.                                      Please add today's date.                                         *
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