Are your home and neighborhood safe?
If you answer yes to all of the first nine questions and at least two support options are available (questions 10-12), you may want to try self-care.
1. Are the furnace, chimney, and electrical wiring in safe working condition?
2. Does your home have smoke detectors that work, and do children know what they sound like?
3. Are firearms locked, and are chemicals, matches, and poisons put away where children cannot get them?
4. Are children safe when walking home from school alone?
5. Can you trust the other children and adults in the neighborhood?
6. Is there a telephone in the home?
7. Can the doors and windows be locked?
8. Are the family rules for use of telephone, television, game systems, computer, internet, and having friends over well-known and followed?
9. Does your family have a home alone plan?
Support options: Are at least two of the following support options available?
10. The child can call a parent or contact person if needed.
11. Trusted adult friends are nearby to call in an emergency.
12. Your neighborhood has a Safe Watch or Block Parent program.
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